Pink, Purple, Blood – A Visual Culture of the "Feminine"?

Basic Seminar
Winter 2019/2020

This seminar is held by Nicole Kreckel M.A.

The course description is available in German only.
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Winter 2019/2020
Pink, Purple, Blood – A Visual Culture of the "Feminine"?
Undergraduate Seminar
Nicole Kreckel M.A.
PS | S (2 SWS) — Thu 10-12 — Room: 206
FW I | L1-KU-M1 | L2-KU-M2 | L3-KU-M2 | L5-KU-M2 (3 CP)
BA/NF KMKB M2 (5 CPs)– BA/NF KMKB M4 (2 CPs) – BA/NF KMKB M6 (3 CPs) – BA/NF Gender Studies

tags: aesthetics, agency, art & media, art & public, art & society, art history, authorship, bodies, body, displays, everyday culture, everyday cultures, everyday technologies, exhibitions, film, gender, image & imagination, institutions, invisibility, media cultures, models, perception, photography, popular culture, representation, typology, visual culture