Colloquium Visual Culture

Colloquium for Graduate Students and Postgraduates
Summer 2020

Due to the Covid-19 measures for the time being no regular courses and events based on RL-attendance are being offered.
However, there will be a digital course instead. Further information about the digital courses (and enrollment) is offered via QIS-LSF.

More information on courses, exams etc. at the Institute for Art Education can be found on the institute's homepage; for more general and detailed information see the Corona-Info-pages provided by Goethe-University.

The Colloquium Visual Culture is a regular course and forum for graduate and postgraduate students.

For more info pls. see the German course description.
While theses in english language are being supervised as well, the course language is (usually) German.

Summer 2020
Colloquium Visual Culture
KO (2 SWS) – Thu 12-2 (jour fixe) & block seminars – 206 & excursions – Online
[excursions, block seminars: dates & places by arrangement]
BA/NF KMKB M6 (6 CPs) | MA KMKB M5 (5 CPs) | MA KMKB M8 (3 CPs)
L & Master (KMKB, Ästhetik, Curatorial Studies) related to the thesis | Ph.D. students

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