MOBILE KIOSK (Summer 2014)


The MOBILE KIOSK is a micro-project that is part of the ongoing research on and development of a mobile toolbox for process-oriented, participative cultural research and communication in public (and semi-public) spaces.

In summer 2014, we are working on and with the MOBILE KIOSK a.o. in the framework of the project WEGEN:WALLANLAGEN and the related project seminar "Wallanlagen. Locations in Inter-Spaces" – semester focus MITTEL(N): VOR ORT.

Find further information in the related project and course descriptions.

Related Information:

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projects: Walk & Watch - Go & See, Into the Greens, KIOSK, MAPPING THE (IN)VISIBLE CITY, MITTEL(N)

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tags: analogital, architecture, art & media, art & society, city, commons, design, displays, diy, do it yourself, everyday cultures, everyday technologies, mapping, material culture, mobility, objects & things, participation, space, spaces & places, tools, urban cultures, urban landscapes, visual culture, walking, werkzeug