Tools, Means & Methods of Cultural Communication

MITTEL(N) is a project focussing on tools, means and methods of cultural communication.

For more details see the related project modules, seminars and workshops within the focus field Visual Culture.

MITTEL(N) is part of the practice oriented research-teaching project KIOSK Art Agency (KIOSK Kunst Vermittlung).
In 2014, it is partially funded by the F├Ârderfonds Lehre.

While the extended project info as well as the majority of the course descriptions are available in German only, you can also find further information in English on the related research project on the KIOSK construction site at www.under-construction.cc.

Thank you for your kind understanding.

Tools, Means& Methods of Cultural Communication
Project (ongoing)

project: MITTEL(N)

related project: kiosk

tags: aesthetics, agency, architecture, art & media, art & society, city, commons, communication, design, displays, education, everyday cultures, everyday technologies, exhibitions, gender, image & imagination, knowledge cultures, learning, mapping, material culture, media cultures, objects & things, participation, perception, performance, popular culture, representation, seeing, space, spaces & places, things, tools, toys & tools, urban cultures, visual culture, visualisation