Workshop:Forum MITTEL(N)

Interdisciplinary Workshop-Seminar & Colloquium

The "Workshop:Forum Visual Culture" ("Workshop:Forum Visuelle Kultur") is an intensive seminar held in block format with invited guest lecturers (artists, scholars and other professionals with different backgrounds), exploring interdisciplinary aspects and intersections between disciplinary theories and practices. Each workshop-forum focusses a special issue/theme that is closely related to the regular course program of the related semester.
Students and graduates working on issues related to the workshop's focus are invited to introduce and discuss their projects.

The focus for winter 2014/2015 is, in continuation of the workshops of the previous terms and corresponding with the semester focus on "MITTEL(N).

For more info pls. see the course description in German.

Winter 2014/2015
Workshop:Forum Visual Culture
Interdisciplinary Workshop-Seminar
S (2 SWS) – block seminar – room 206/212 and on the spot

projects: KIOSK, MITTEL(N)

tags: aesthetics, agency, architecture, art & media, art & society, city, city walks, commons, communication, design, displays, ecology, economy, everyday cultures, everyday technologies, gender, green, invisibility, mapping, material culture, mobility, nature, participation, place, representation, space, spaces & places, sustainability, time, tools, topography, urban cultures, urban landscapes, visual culture, walking