From Imagination to Image

Basic Seminar
Introduction to Visual Culture

What is "Visual Culture"? Is it only about images? What is an image? How are imagination, perception, construction, production and representation mutually connected to each other? What are "techniques of the observer"? What does "representation" mean? How important are materiality and mediality for Visual Culture?

The course gives an intoduction into Visual Culture, its topics, subjects and methods.

Summer 2015
From Imagination to Image. Introduction to Visual Culture
Karolin Leitermann
P (2 SWS) — Tue 2-4 p.m. — Room: 206 and on-site*
FW / L1-KU-M1 / L2-KU-M2 / L3-KU-M2 / L5-KU-M2 / (3 CP)

[This course is the standard basic course "Einführung in die Literatur und die Methoden"]

* The course includes visits to museum collections, exhibitions and other places.

tags: architecture, art, art & media, art & public, art history, art theory, cultural studies, displays, exhibitions, fashion, film, gender, gender studies, history, image & imagination, imagination, literature, material culture, media, media studies, media theory, memory, optics, perception, performance, place, popular culture, space, stories & histories, video, vision, visual culture