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radia #482: tksitevy + radia #298: song poems

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experimentelle radiokunst? reine poesie! ein gedicht! oder etwa nicht? keine sorge: auf die schwärmereien einer eingeschworenen fangemeinde sind diese dichtungen nicht angewiesen. auf aufgeschlossene ohren setzen wir aber gern…

wie im ersten teil der sendung, wo uns suzy vincens mit "tksitevy" eine radiophone vertonung ihrer kompositionsgedichte ("score poems") präsentiert.

im anschluss gibt dann noch einmal die "song poem crew" von radio worm eine sehr spezielle neuinterpretation des guten alten mixtape-formats zum besten, das die 1980er jahre nach art eines do-it-yourself re-enactments wieder aufleben lässt.

credits und hintergrundinformationen: siehe unten


experimental radio art? pure poetry! indeed! but don't worry: these poems do not count on a community of blind-and-dumb followers. rather you should prick up your ears…

in the first part of the show, we are taking part in a first experiment of a work in progress performed live at Monophonic festival 2014 in Bruxelles. "Tksitevy" is a polyphonic improvisation performance from a score-poem by suzy vincens:

"The score-poems are listening scores (that tell a listening, offering a possibility of scoring a listen with words, phrases, sentences, silences).
Those scores are departures of writings, interpretations of vocals, instrumentals, etc.
The interpretation is very free, the entire score can be developped or just a part, a sequence." [S.V.]

Voice performers: Aurélie LIERMAN, Catherine BOUCKENAERE, Laure GATELIER and Julien BIBARD – Electronic music and violin: Suzy VINCENS – Composition: Suzy VINCENS

the Monophonic festival is run by the Atelier Création Sonore Radio (www.acsr.be). find out more about the Monophonic Festial 2014 at www.monophonic2014.be

afterwards, we'll listen another time to radio WORM's very special re-enactment-hommage to the 1980es' mixtape culture:

"This show consists of a number of songs that were made by the Radio WORM Song Poem Crew at the STRP Festival in Eindhoven (november 2010). The theme was '80ties cassette culture' and the idea was that the audience could choose a genre from a menu, write a text, pay 3 euro's, and then the Radio WORM Song Poem Crew would make the song with 'original' 80ties gear (the most advanced device being a 4track cassette machine), hence the 'vintage' sound qualities of the pieces. The song was delivered within a short time (5 – 30 minutes) to the client on cassette tape. The available genres on the menu were; Depressing Lo Fi Noise, Boring Art Shit, Early Happy Commodore, Gay Budget Beats, Industrial SM Love Songs, Echoïstic Melancholia Dub, Fucked Up Cassette Hardcore and Incredible Cheap Casio-Pop. There were 19 songs made in a few hours, the best of them you'll find here. Text subjects vary from ode's to leaving colleague's, the impossibilities of having a love affair where one lives in Eindhoven and the other in Amsterdam, Statements about Radio Art, a Monty Cantsin Neoist Song and lots of boring and horrible poetry. Enjoy!" [R.W.]

miss.gunst would like to thank the following artists and sound collectors:
jovica for the space machine, corsica s for some beautiful radiator sounds;
suzy vincens and radio campus, brussels, as well as the radio WORM son poem crew and radio worm, rotterdam, for their poetry;
and, as always radia.fm radio art network for being a crowd of incredibly creative partners.

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