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radia #497: where have you been? + radia #66: transitliteratur

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landschaften. erzählen. auch durch ihre klänge und geräusche. wir reisen von der stadt aufs land. zwischen städten und ländern. mit und zwischen ihren und unseren geschichten.

im ersten teil der sendung folgen wir maria herold auf einer klangforscungsreise, die durch die unterschiedliches städte und landschaften führt.

und im anschluss nehmen wir, lektüre in acht sprachen im gepäck, mit ernst reitermaier, barbara kaiser, und lale rodgarkia-dara die transporter-route von wien nach bratislava.

credits und hintergrundinformationen: siehe unten.


landscapes. telling stories. with their sounds, their noises. we are travelling contryside. between cities and countries. and stories. theirs. and ours.

in the first part of the show we are following maria herold on a field recordings trip travelling through urban landscapes as well as on the countryside:

"This radio show will take you on a trip to various places in cities and countries. A canon-like conversation between city and country surrounded by field recordings from Austria (Vienna, Tirol), Italy (Ligura) and Switzerland (Valais) highlights the good and the bad sides of both. There are moments when they harmonize and fit seamlessly together, but sometimes they repel each other. You will listen to cows, people, waterfalls, birds, fire, cars, thunderstorms, trains and many other sounds.

Some field-recordings will be recognized from the very first listening but you will also hear recordings were you can´t be sure whether it is in a city or on the countryside. And maybe there will be the desire to be at one of those places. But whether you find yourself in a city or on the countryside, there will always be the longing for the countryside when you are staying in a city and the other way around." [M.H.]

Maria Herold studied Musicology and worked at TV-Music Departments. Part of the International Radio Network Radia.fm in Vienna. Loves to make music and sound art: kakophoniedergedanken.tumblr.com

afterwards, reading literature in eight languages we take the truck route between vienna and bratislava with ernst reitermaier, barbara kaiser, and lale rodgarkia-dara:

"the whole piece was recorded in the car on the truck-route from vienna to bratislava.
transitliteratur is a project where small pieces of literature are placed on transit-trucks. the idea is to use trucks as mobile-media-platform. this radia programme is the auditive attempt of this idea.

during the recording of radia#66 transitliteratur our recording-team followed transit trucks on the way from vienna to bratislava. we were in contact with around 15 people via our cell-phone. by the time the car passed a truck, one of them supplied us with a small reading. the texts had been read in 8 languages (russian, serbian, italian, spanish, english, german, czech, hungarian). the whole project is in realtime and has not been edited.

enjoy the sound of the truck-route between the closest capitals in europe. not the vatikan and rome, but vienna and bratislava." [LRD]

miss.gunst would like to thank the following artists and sound collectors:
jovica for the space machine, corsica s for some beautiful radiator sounds;
maria herold and radio orange, vienna, for travelling with us through urban and rural landscapes;
ernst reitermaier, barbara kaiser, and lale rodgarkia-dara from radio orange vienna, for their radio treks;
and, as always radia.fm radio art network for being a crowd of incredibly creative partners.

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