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"cyborg config.sys" ist eine kurs-plattform, die im winter 2000/2001 für ein seminar an der hfg offenbach einreichtet wurdem das sich mit "Konfigurationen der Cyborg" beschäftigte.

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"cyborg config.sys" was conceived as an infobase and course platform related to a seminar/course dealing with the subject "Konfigurationen der Cyborg", and held at the Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach in winter 2000/2001.

background information

One of the course's aims had been to collect, research on and discuss "the cyborg" within it's cultural context, in cultural history, in society, in literature and the arts.
Initially it had been planned to put the material collected as well as the student's contributions onlne. However, all energy and time went into the course itself – so the platform was never really built up.

About four years later, the concept was transformed into what should become the area "Cyborg Bodies" as part of the MedienKunstNetz. Also in this case, the initial plans to create a complex network of terms and ideas related to configurations of the cyborg in a broader sense had to be severely condensed – as the title of the area suggests, only one (yet important) aspect has been focussed.

Also for this reason, I decided to keep the initial "cyborg config.sys" platform online – just in case in another time/space frame I'd find an opportunity to come back to the concept and to continue…

further material

link to course description: Konfigurationen der Cyborg
direct link: cyborg config.sys
link to: Forschung: Cyborg_Configurationen
link to: "Cyborg Bodies" im MedienKunstNetz

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