((o)) radiator x – 080321 – radia 135 + av special

today's radiator x offers a special double feature menue.
first served is a treasure from the radia archives: Radioradar_1 from radioerevan aka Marold Langer-Philippsen a.o. with radiosounds from jupiter, pieces from Kim Cascone, bells from japan, singing tibetan monks and sounds from chinese and mongolian tv.
the second part is an untitled piece by DinahBird, Zoë Irvine and Jean-Philippe Renoult, originally presented as a live radio show at this year's AV festival in newcastle (and loosely based on the theme of sunday worship).

miss.gunst would like to thank radioerevan for providing us with fascinating radiations caught by his radioradar
DinahBird, Zoë Irvine and Jean-Philippe Renoult for their inspiring insights into issues of sunday worship (as well as Knut Aufermann for having caught this special show)
and last but not least radia.fm radio art network for being a crowd of incredibly creative partners.

please note:
the radia network schedule for march 2008 has undergone some changes. thus also radiator x had to change the program…

radiator x [rx-080321-ab]
transmission on radio x ffm: fri 21-march-2008 3to4pm
ptI: radia #135 Radioradar_1 by radioerevan, Radio Corax Halle, 2007
ptII: untitled, by DinahBird, Zoë Irvine and Jean-Philippe Renoult from AV festival radio (curated by Knut Aufermann), March 2008



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