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radia #361 monstres + radia #289 beasty noise

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wer fürchtet sich vor monstern?

nun, wir jedenfalls nicht. denn zunächst lernen wir einige monster kennen, die bololipsum in frankreich eingefangen hat.

im anschluss vergnügen wir uns dann noch einmal an und mit ein paar ausgesprochen biestigen geräuschen, die 2010 auf dem reheat-festival zu vernehmen waren.

credits und hintergrundinformationen: siehe unten


who is afraid of monsters?

well, not us. because today we'll meet some extra nice monsters. first some of french origin, brought to us by bololipsum:

"Not so far, they are there, in a parallel world. This nature documentary enters a virtual world, not far from us, the home of these mutants sounds, these beings are the result of errors and bugs. 'Monstres' offers a journey through programs and electronic circuits, between 1 and 0, in this crack, at the sandstone of chance where they live, hidden as monsters." [B/R.G.]

find out more about bololipsium at www.bololipsum.com

afterwards, we'll meet another time with some noisy monsters making beasty noises for the 2010 edition of the legendary reheat festival:

"an atmospheric summary of the reheat festival 2010 at kleylehof, austria. this year's topic was 'monsters'.
it's a mixture of recordings made before and during the festival: soundcapes, concerts, installations, performances and statements of artists and festival visitors." [b.k.]

the show was produced by barbara kaiser and includes festival contributions by alfred stohl, lupe, sabine marte, skylla, peter brandlmayr, joerg piringer, monc/ink, doris kern & klaus filip.
find out more about the festival and its programme at reheat.klingt.org

miss.gunst would like to thank the following artists and sound collectors:
jovica for the space machine, corsica s for some beautiful radiator sounds;
bololipsum and radio grenouille, marseille, for sharing some really nice monsters with us;
barbara kaiser, all contributing artists from 2010's reheat festival and radio orange 94.0, vienna, for making a lot of monstrous noise;
as well as radia.fm radio art network for being a crowd of incredibly creative partners.



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