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((o)) radiator x – 090227 – welcome to the club

rxl_k.gifwelcome to the club radia #203 eurodance... + radia #86 no exotic cocktailcore

welcome to the club.
an invitation to dance …


[[o]] GUNSTprojekt: AUTOPHONES (RLXTENDED) von | by Michael Giambacurta & Matthias S. Krüger (radia #186)

AUTOPHONES (RLXTENDED) von | by Michael Giambacurta & Matthias S. Krüger (radia #186)

Where others see a bridge, the Canadian percussionist Michael Gambacurta discovered an autophone – a musical instrument whose own substance produces sound with a vibrant tone.


[[o]] GUNSTprojekt | GUNSTproject: Autophones Radio

g_atp.gifAutophones: Hören mit den Ohren der Brücke | Listening with the Ears of a Bridge

Where others see a bridge, the Canadian percussionist Michael Gambacurta discovered an autophone – a musical instrument whose own substance produces sound with a vibrant tone.
The Kaiserlei-Bridge over river Main between Frankfurt and Offenbach is the soundboard for countless vehicles crossing daily. A sounding structure, tuned by the traffic, wind and weather – an endless concert, endless variations of a theme.


((o)) radiator x – 080418 – sound art special 2 : 2 two channel pieces

radiator x presents a sound art special with two experimental two channel pieces.


[[o]] GUNSTprojekt: UNTITLED (Two Channel Piece Hamburg) von | by Bernhard Schreiner (radia #159)

Untitled (Two Channel Piece Hamburg) von | by Bernhard Schreiner (radia #159)

Untitled (Two Channel Piece Hamburg) by Bernhard Schreiner is based on a sound art piece performed live at Pudel Club Hamburg in June 2007, edited for radiator x/radia art radio network in 2008.


[[o]] GUNSTprojekt | GUNSTproject: Media on Mars

Media on MarsMedia on Mars

Media on Mars (MoM) not only wants to pay tribute to the historical achievements of media in the field of interplanetary communication, but also to provide access to related data that either have been largely ignored by mainstream history of science and/or lack possibilities of publication due to terrestrial limitations. At the same time MoM strives build on, to continue and push forward the work begun in media history.
The project is dedicated to Élise-Catherine Müller (1861-1929), a pioneer of Martian communication.


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