interfiction XVIII / 2011 : instructable!

2011's interdiscplinary workshop-symposium for art, media and network cultures interfiction – Kassel, nov 11th to 13th, in the framework of Kassel's documentary and video festival – invites to explore media and formats of how-tos and instructions…

How does this work? That's how it works!

How does this work? Is everything "instructable"? This year's interfiction summit for art, media and network cultures invites with lectures, presentations and workshop-sessions to take a closer look at media, forms and formats of how-tos, tutorials and instructions, skill-sharing, the communication of know-how, and community based knowledge generation.

The era of digitalization seems to be directly coined with the so called "information society": Based upon the coupling of digital databases with network technologies, search engines and other tools enhancing the retrieval and distribution of information, the more recent development of social media enabling not only "digerati", but everyone to actively participate in the collection and dissemination of information about "almost everything" and for any purpose you might imagine.

However, an "information society" is still far from being a community of practice. Not only has information become an article of trade. Moreover, knowledge was and is, just as it has always been, power. And for this reason, neither information nor knowledge is something shared amongst all, being freely commuted, distributed and/or made accessible for granted.
At the same time the call for commons, for shared information and knowledge as well as for accessibility has gained importance — and subsequently become a core field of community based engagement within digital networks and beyond. Over the last decade, a whole variety of platforms and tools have been developed enabling and fostering a community-oriented gathering and exchange of information, the communication and exchange of know-how.

The recent boom of do it yourself cultures we are currently facing in a whole variety of different fields — be it the more traditional home improvement and handicrafts, be it rather ambitious design and technology projects, be it the community based engagement for ecology and alternate economies, be it in different fields of media and knowledge production and so forth — is obviously strongly connected to and promoted by this progress. Especially internet based platforms and tools for the publication and communication, exchange and collaborative development of instructions, manuals and how-tos play an important role. They are not only a major source of information and inspiration, but also facilitate communication about practical implementation and exchange of experience.

But is it possible to transfer principles that have been proved and approved in one field to another one without a break? What about the relation(s) between theory and practice? What are the premises and requirements for a successful conversation and realization? What are the criteria for a how-to good enough to make stuff really work?
How does the exchange of information, know-how and knowledge in different areas of application work — and what has to be done to foster it in different socio-cultural contexts and communities? In how far have relations between experts and laymen, amateurs and professionals, traditional institutions of education and alternate resources, including instruments and strategies of knowledge building, changed in the course of technological developments and their social impact? How important are Open Source technologies, D.I.Y. and "hacks" within this context?
What are the premises and promises of interdisciplinary exchange? How and in how far is a transfer of know-how and knowledge between different fields of theory and practice? What are the problems to be faced — and what are the productive perspectives that could be opened up and established long tail? What exactly are the potentials how-tos have and/or can generate for creative applications — especially in culture and the arts?

As an interdisciplinary workshop-conference for art, media and network cultures, interfiction will explore promises and problems generated at the mentioned intersections and convergences of technological and cultural developments. Together with the more recent achievements, we're also interested in the histories of gadget technologies and cultures, as well as perspectives of media archaeology. As always, special attention will be devoted to Open Source development, OS technology, Creative Commons and Do-It-Yourself access.

And as always interfiction is digging into its issues not only in theory, but also with a very practical approach: Share your knowledge, skills and instructions hands on and online by the way of our interfiction HowTo swap!

interfiction XVIII/2011
«instructable» : That's how stuff works!
Interdiciplinary Workshop Summit for Art, Media and Network Cultures
28. Kassel Documentary Film- and Video Festival
Kassel, November 11-13, 2011, KulturBahnhof, Offener Kanal

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