Digital Dust Dictionary

A research tool and display

The DIGITAL DUST DICTIONARY (DDD) is dedicated to the research on phenomena and states of absent presence and present absence, oblivion, decay, decomposition, dissolution, deterioration and destruction, a well as on concepts, theories and practices related to this complex.

Originally conceived as an online public research log and slip box ("Zettelkasten") for an onging long term research project started in the Mid-1990ies and inspired by experiences with the decay of digital media, it's scope has meanwhile widened to match with the several branches and filiations the project itself has generated over the years.

With respect to the mentioned experiences the Zettelkasten as well as the related collections were (and are) first hand analog and built up as a collection of materials, notes on paper and, of course, literally on Zettelkasten-cards. These contents are being transferred into the DDD's database step by step (given that a transfer is possible, which is – for many reasons – not always the case). Thus the collection is anyway continued both ways, "analogital".

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projects: A2D2A, center for storytelling, Digital Dust Diaries, [IN]VISIBILIA, (IN)VISIBLE ARCHIVES, performing (in)visible archives, RE/CYCLING INVENTION


related project on www.under-construction.cc: TIME BENDING CLOCK

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