RadioGarden 2019

A Garden Year on Air – Garden Knowledge, Garden Cultures and Garten Art
(In)Visible Gardens in Frankfurt, Rhein-Main and beyond

Gardens are images and imaginations you can walk through and touch, utopias growing in(to) real space. Of private as well as collective bliss, happiness and sanssouci. On the fertile grounds of everyday culture, cultural and art history we can also find the growth and thriving of new forms of gardening, nowadays especially in urban space. And, looking at the greenhouses built by contemporary artists and scientists we should like to add, there are also new hybrid botanies to explore.

During the Garden Year 2019 we will continue to attend and accompany these activities in our RadioGarden: from time to time, the RadioRhizomE will grow its antennas to monitor the related developments and to investigate the terrain.

And of course, according to our GUNSTradio traditions, you will also find a lot of DIY culture, creative encounters with old techniques and new technologies as well as multiple connections to electronic and experimental culture, art and sound growing in the RADIO GARDEN and generating sometimes strange, but always rich and tasty fruit.

RadioGarden is a format of GUNSTradio, produced and broadcasted at radio x Frankfurt am Main.

Background info

RadioGarden Basic Info at www.under-construction.cc

RadioGarden on www.gunst.info

Further information on broadcasted radio shows can be found in the RadioRhizomE's a(i)rchive of on www.gunst.info

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