A radio art project on random time

Time. Measurment, rules and numbers. Rhythm, beat and clock. Synchronization.
But what if clocks are turning in a different way? If they are running out of rhythm, if they are standing still – set free from the ordinary regimes of time?
What kind of hours will the show? And how will those come together who are – with purpose, unwittingly or not – following their course? Can we imagine chance being the very key that will allow to synchronize their time(s), from time to time?

RANDOM TIME RADIO is investigating this complex and at the same time appropriating it. The starting point is a research on site, localizing clocks and other timers that are not or not anymore synchronized with standard time. Together with timers operating on and operated by chance they are feeding the complex mechanism of a time bending clock which in turn is using radio to enable listeners to synchronite with alternate times.

RANDOM TIME RADIO is a temporary mechanism of the TIME BENDING CLOCK. Installed in cooperation with Radio Corax, Halle, as part of the project "Addicted2Random". The installation is running for an indefinite time.

Transmission dates and background information about RANDOM TIME RADIO-producions and radio shows broadcasted in the framework of GUNSTradio and radiator x are published in the GUNST Radio Blog at www.gunst.info as well as archived in the TIME BENDING CLOCK RADIO-archives.

There you can also find this basic info: RANDOM TIME RADIO at www.gunst.info

For more info about the TIME BENDING CLOCK see the TIME BENDING CLOCK construction site.

Background information

a href="http://www.gunst.info/rtr" target="_blank" rel="noopener">RANDOM TIME RADIO at www.gunst.info

Project TIME BENDING CLOCK at www.under-construction.cc

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Blog with information about the Addicted2Random-festival organized by Radio Corax, Halle.

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