A performative installation
Halle, Juli 13-July 28, 2013

At the kiosk time and space condense. Again and again. Always new. Always different.
Not too seldom random is at play.

The Kiosk caravan moves from Frankfurt to Halle, nesting neatly at hr. fleischer to sound out the situation. Quite literally.

Between the ticks of the clocks, at the fringes of time: Noises and concersations. Whispers in the air. Do we listen to ghosts of the past? Precoius moments of presence? The murmurs of those we will once have been? Chance constellations? Songlines from the future?

Where is the next kiosk anyway?

A project in search of an in-between space for a time between.

Opening: Friday, July 12, 2013 from 6:30 pm onwards until late
Duration of the installation: July 13 – July 28, 2013

RTR KIOSK KARAWANE – STATION HALLE is a collaborative production of Karolin Leitermann and Verena Kuni.

The opening of the installation took place in the framework of the ADDICTED2RANDOM festival.

Special thanks to Ruth Heftrig and to the whole team of hr. fleischer – Kiosk am Reileck.
The logo pic has been created with friendly permission in reference to the logo of hr. fleischer – Kiosk am Reileck.

Background Information

Basic info on the project KIOSK KARAWANE at www.under-construction.cc

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RANDOM TIME RADIO bei www.gunst.info | RANDOM TIME RADIO at www.gunst.info

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research project TIME BENDING CLOCK at www.under-construction.cc

External Hyperlinks

RTR KIOSK KARAWANE @ hr. fleischer Kiosk am Reileck: Call for Clocks & Info (Deutsch | German)

hr. fleischer Kiosk am Reileck: herrfleischer.blogspot.de

ADDICTED2RANDOM Festival-Blog: a2r.radiocorax.de

Radio Corax Halle: www.radiocorax.de

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