Lecture & Seminar
Summer 2019

A lecture-seminar exploring the field of visual culture in the tension field between visibility and invisibility. Each lesson starts with "close readings" of images from fine arts, media, sciences and/or popular culture.
Together with the systematic exploration and discussion of the images, their backgrounds and contexts basic terms, theories, practices and methods are introduced as well.

Our goal is not only to reveal possible meanings of images and to render them with respect to related conditions of production, publication and perception/reception. Special attention is devotet to processes of mutual exchange, gains and losses, conflicts and negotiations between different areas of visual culture and other fields of cultural activity, as well as the historical horizon of current aesthetic and social practices.

Each term comes with a special thematic focus. The special focus for summer 2019 is dedicated to BOTANY & DESIRE.

For more info about the focus theme pls. see the German version.

Summer 2019
"Ich sehe was, was Du nicht siehst" – Bild-Lektüren zur Visuellen Kultur
V | S (2 SWS) — Mi 10-12 — Sophienstr. 1-3, Raum: 206 und Ortstermine
FWI / FW II / L2-KU-M4 / L5-KU-M4 / L3-KU-M5 / L3-KU-M6 / L3-KU-M9 (3 CPs)
BA/NF KMKB M4 (2 CPs) | BA/NF KMKB M6 (V: 2 CPs | S: 3 CPs) | MA KMKB M1 (V: 2 CPs |
S: 5 CPs) | MA KMKB M3ab (S FW: 3+3 CPs) | MA KMKB M6ab (S FW: 3+3 CPs) | MA KMKB M 7
(V: 2 CPs | S: 3 CPs + MP: 3 CPs) | MA Ästhetik | MA Curatorial Studies | Gender Studies | Andere Studiengänge: Freier Wahlbereich n. Absprache

project: ArtSciEd

tags: aesthetics, art & science, art history, biodiversity, biology, biosciences, cultural history, ecology, economy, gardens & gardening, gender, green, image & imagination, invisibility, knowledge, knowledge cultures, material culture, media, models, natural history, nature, photography, representation, spaces & places, stories & histories, topography, topologien, topologies, typology, visual culture, visualisation