Walk & Watch – Go & See

Project Seminar & Excursions
Winter 2021/2022

Due to the ongoing pandemic for the time being no regular walks and meetings based on RL-attendance are being offered.
However, there are digital options instead to exchange and discuss about individual walking and research activities, as there are our digial SURFCLUB meetings within the framework of our digital LABS. We hope to be able to continue our outside walks in spring 2022 or in summer 2022.

Further information about the digital courses (and enrollment) is offered via QIS-LSF.

More information on courses, exams etc. at the Institute for Art Education can be found on the institute's homepage; for more general and detailed information see the Corona-Info-pages provided by Goethe-University.

Walking and watching, cruising and seeing, navigating and charting, collecting and sorting, visualizing and communicating: The workshop aims to investigate — in theory as well as in practice — techniques, strategies and modes of exploring the (in)visible city. Tracing, tracking, and leaving marks will be a core activity.

Starting point and basic working format are city walks, hereby consciously drawing back to a cultural practice used by many artists and artist's collectives from early modernity onwards.

For a more detailed general text pls. see the extended project description in German.

Winter 2021/2022
Walk & Watch
Project Seminar & Exkursions (ongoing*)
* New participants are always welcome.

project: Walk & Watch - Go & See

tags: architecture, art & public, art & society, city, city walks, commons, communication, displays, everyday cultures, geography, image & imagination, imagination, invisibility, mapping, mobility, participation, perception, performance, place, representation, space, spaces & places, topography, topology, urban cultures, urban landscapes, urban planning, urban research, urbanism, visibility, walking