MicroClimate Mapping Mo++

B_TOUR Festival Berlin, August 8-10, August 8, 2014

While we are pretty much used to observation-based daily rants about the weather, talking about climate seriously affords to take much longer periods of time in account. For a more compact climate research, however, we can focus our attention on micro-climate: locally delimited atmospheric zone(s), characterized by a set of remarkable criteria rendering them different compared to the areas in their surrounding.

Obviously, not only climate in general, but also micro-climate is decisive for the way life and living together work in urban biotopes. Similar to climate, also micro-climate is influenced by humans, by their individual as well as by their social behaviour. Therefore, it should be worthwhile to research micro-climate(-zones) in urban spaces – especially if we are interested in the way(s) common spaces are built and used.

In the framework of the B_TOUR Festival, you are invited to participate in a MICROCLIMATE MAPPING focussing on Moritzplatz and its immediate surrounding.

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MicroClimate-Mapping Kit Mo++ (pdf) [soon]

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