Mirco-Architectures and/as Multiplex Displays

KIOSKS are small, flexible, sometimes mobile architectures, often nesting in nodal niches – occupying marginal spaces located in centres or central places in the periphery. They are characterizes by economies of extremes: A maximum of uses within the neat framework of minimal space, an opulence and variety in uses of displays to present a limited stock of sales – that, in turn, usually encompasses unexpected richness in mixtures of media, foods, and goods. KIOSKS are big in dealing with small.

KIOSKS are more but simply one stop shops. They are meeting points, contact points and shelters, terminals for the transmission of information, places of trade and of negotiation, spaces for social communication, interaction, and participation. They answer to multiple demands and allow many different addresses.

Barely by accident KIOSKS from early onwards have inspired artists to develop related designs. Members of modern avant-garde movements were interested in the mobile architectures of multiple displays, the KIOSK as spatial design and vehicle of social and political communication – and, again probably all but accidently, it’s especially for these qualities that more recently KIOSKS have regained major importance within the scope of contemporary art.

From this background the project takes KIOSK traditions in everyday culture as a starting point to ask for the specific potentials of the KIOSK as place, format and tool for cultural communication.*

The fundaments are built upon an examination of historial forms and formats, architectures and concepts in everyday culture and art – including, with respect to the history of KIOSKS, the roots in different cultures as well as the utopias. Moreover, a special focus is laid on forms, formats and concepts of communication. Within this scope, also related architectures, spatial designs, displays, mobile elements, guidance systems that are or have been develped within other contexts are analyzed.

*See also the project KIOSK Kunst Vermittlung (KIOSK Art Communication) at www.visuelle-kultur.info.

project: KIOSK

main project: (IN)VISIBLE CITY

related projects on www.under-construction.cc: cfs: center for storytelliing, D.I.Y. cultures, Micro*, Cultures of Sustainability

related project on www.visuelle-kultur.info: KIOSK Art Communication

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