Models – Science & Art

Course (Fachwissenschaftliches Seminar)

The course description is so far available in German only.
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Winter 2014/2015
Models – Science & Art
S (2 SWS) — Tue 12-14 — Room: 206 and on-site*
FW I / FW II / L2-KU-M4 / L5-KU-M4 / L3-KU-M5 / L3-KU-M6 / L3-KU-M9 (3 CP)
BA/NF M6 (3 CPs) – Master Curatorial Studies
* includes on-site visits and exkursions.

projects: ArtSciEd, MITTEL(N)

tags: aesthetics, architecture, art & media, art & science, art history, biosciences, chemistry, communication, crafts, cultural history, design, displays, exhibitions, history of science, image & imagination, invention, knowledge cultures, material culture, mathematics, media, modelling, natural sciences, objects & things, physics, representation, things, tools, visual culture, visualisation