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Prof. Dr. Verena Kuni  M. A.

Kunst·Medien·Kultur - Theorie·Praxis·Vermittlung


Art·Media·Culture - Theory·Practice·Transfer






Tagungen - Workshops - Panels - Präsentationen


conferences - workshops - panels - presentations


Vortrag | Lecture
Pivot 2021: "Dismantling / Reassembling. Tools for Alternative Futures", OCAD University Toronto (CAN), Video-Konferenz | Virtual Conference, July 22-23, 2021 | 22.-23.07.2021

Inspired by the carrier bag theory of fiction let us look for alternate ways to do our work. We do this by worlding: by attuning to and melting into the subject(s) of our research; gathering and gaining situated knowledges, interwoven with multiple threads of imagination and desire. But then gathering and gaining is based on collecting: data, objects, subjects, situations, relations; submitted into an order of things, shifted into storages, from time to time put on display: museums, libraries, servers. Imagination and desire are stripped off in this process and stored separately, if at all.

That’s why we need a different mind-set, a different set of methods, and a different set of tools. We will have to re-organize the spaces as well as the ways we work together. For our findings and our creations, for our research and our inspiration we will build a wunderkammer. Not the old cabinet of curiosities based on items taken away from others, other places, stolen from life – a deeply colonial concept, the greedy mother of the museum. But a new structure for our wild-at-heart pluriverse; one that is our workshop and our toolbox rather than a storage. One that is probably closer to an assembly, a parliament, a party, a network, a collaboratory for all kinds of agencies and for agencies of all kinds. So let us muse about a preliminary inventory of our wild worlding wunderkammer workshop – and about the tools this tool(box) for alternative futures may provide.

tags: aesthetics, agency, alltagskultur, alltagstechnologien, art & media, art & society, ästhetik, bild & imagination, bildung, commons, cultural history, design, dinge, displays, education, everyday culture, everyday technologies, image & imagination, knowledge cultures, kommunikation, kulturgeschichte, kunst & gesellschaft, kunst & medien, repräsentation, representation, tools, werkzeug, wissenskulturen

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