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Prof. Dr. Verena Kuni  M. A.

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UNTIME THERAPY – Or: The Art of Detuning

Radio-Vortrag | Radio-Lecture
OSCILLATION Festival 2021: "Tuned Circuits : Attuning – Feedback – Detuning", Brüssel, Radio Transmission & Live Chat Discussion, May 2, 2021 | 02.05.2021

There is a saying: Time heals all wounds. Which is not true anyway. But even worse: what if time itself makes you sick?

Indeed, there are many time-related illnesses with a broad spectrum of symptoms to suffer from: from paranoia to trauma, from mania to depression, from light vertigo over heavy nausea to complete breakdown under the massive pressures of time. So you feel unruly, sleepless, tired and still breathless? Or over-excited, stressed and still bored? And/or completely out of synch?
Well: this is probably due to some unhealthy intake and/or experience of time.

Perhaps you have already asked yourself: what can I do? Is there any remedy, a therapy for me? How can I tune in and synchronize again, to be in time and in harmony with time?

So what should you do? Or are these the wrong questions anyway? Let us find out…

Please note: This lecture is not to be confused with a therapy session or any other kind of therapy-related psychic or psychoanalytic treatment. It deals with alternate artistic perspectives on the subject matter.

tags: agency, alltagskultur, alltagstechnologien, art & media, art & society, audio, bild & imagination, communication, dream, erzählen, everyday culture, everyday technologies, healing, heilen, image & imagination, kunst & gesellschaft, kunst & medien, radio, storytelling, time, tools, utopias, utopien, werkzeug, zeit

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