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Prof. Dr. Verena Kuni  M. A.

Kunst·Medien·Kultur - Theorie·Praxis·Vermittlung


Art·Media·Culture - Theory·Practice·Transfer






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conferences - workshops - panels - presentations


Squishy Sessions Research Group (Hosted by Becky Lyon), Online, December 28, 2021 | 28.12.2021

Have you ever wondered about sense and sensibility for squishiness in the cabinet of curiousity? As we will find out, this is an area worth to investigate in more detail – and it is by far not limited to wet specimen in jars.

One focus of the workshop is the relation between the senses, especially between visual and haptic triggers and offers, experiences and desires.
We will also explore the manifold ways of dealing with squishyness, squishy objects, squishy materials and squishy matter in Wunderkammer collections, and we take a first look at techniques and technologies of preparation.

The second part of this workshop has been scheduled for 2022 (Jan 25th, 2022).

tags: aesthetics, alltagskultur, alltagstechnologien, art & media, art & science, ästhetik, bild & imagination, cultural history, dinge, displays, everyday culture, everyday technologies, image & imagination, knowledge cultures, kulturgeschichte, kunst & medien, kunst & wissenschaft, material, material culture, materielle kultur, perception, repräsentation, representation, time, tools, wahrnehmung, werkzeug, wissenskulturen, zeit

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