PerForming (In)Visible Archives

Theories and practices of dealing with (in)visible archives and their communication

It is difficult, if not impossible to keep and store art created with time based and/or instable media. And this is, in many parts, also true for its documentation.
Thus we have to face the danger of partial or even complete loss for our cultural archives and our cultural memory – the very basis of our and any future cultural production.

But how to deal with this "invisible archive"? Are there any possibilities to keep at least some knowledge about its contents – and to make it accessible?

Research in this project is done in the form of focus studies. In addition to theoretical and methodological reflections also practical considerations are taken into account, for one aim of the project is to develop related formats of communication.

Performative Archive: PerForming (In)Visible Archives  On invitation by the research project "archiv performativ" (ZHdK Zürich) and as part of a research cooperation, in 2010/2011  the focus is set on case studies devoted to performance art. Core reference is the problem of dealing with the "invisible archives", or rather: the "(in)visible archives" of performance art: Not only is performance art often documented only loosely and partially.  Existing documentations will always and necessarily fail to provide access to all aspects of a performance.
The material for the case studies is drawn from the performance art archives of Kaskadenkondensator Basel on which the Zurich based research project "archiv performativ" is centered.

project: performing (in)visible archives

main project: (IN)VISIBLE ARCHIVES

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