along the mainzer

A Site Visit in Urban Space (Dynamic Map)

"entlang der mainzer" ("along the mainzer") is an interdisciplinary research and exhibition project, focussing the Mainzer Landstrasse – one of Frankfurt's longest arterial roads leading from the city's center to the periphery.
Over the summer artists, urban planners, cultural anthropologists, students, pupils and youngsters, members of neighbourhood initiatives, local residents, commuters and passers-by were invited to explore "the Mainzer" – to re-consider and exchange about their perceptions, views and perspectives, and to look for new ones…

From September 5 to October 5, 2012 the results are being presented with a multifaceted programme: numerous exhibitions, installations and interventions in public space, performances, guided tours, lectures and more.

To support orientiation in space and time, a dynamic map has been generated for the project:

Map "entlang der mainzer" ("along the mainzer") at www.under-construction.cc

Further Information:
www.entlangdermainzer.de – Projekt-Homepage*
"entlang der mainzer" ("along the mainzer") is a project of the Evangelische Akademie in Hessen und Nassau e.V./römer9*, realised in cooperation with numerous partners.

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