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under-construction.cc is itself under heavy construction.
Sooner or later, all construction sites will provide you with more detailed info about the projects, events, publications etc. – simply click on the names/titles in the list. However, so far, many construction sites come with very basic info only. Therefore, here are some links that should provide you with additional information in case…

Many lectures, workshops and publications related to the construction sites haven't been integrated in this site so far. However, most of them can be found on the lists at kuniver.se : lectures, workshops & presentations as well as kuniver.se : publications.

Moreover, further information about some of the construction sites featured here can be retrieved via kuniver.se, either on the "research"-pages or via the meta page "projects".

In case construction sites and projects have their own domains/URLs, the related links can be found in the entries on this site.

We apologize for any inconvenience and are happy to help you if you have any questions related to the building sites. Simply send an E-Mail to: verena@kuni.org



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