SPACE STATION: Frankfurt as Kitchen

Workshop:Forum – Series: SPACE STATION

A workshop by and with Wiebke Grösch

The workshop is part of our special workshop:forum RAUMSTATION (SPACE STATION).

More info about the workshop is so far avialable in German only.
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Please note: For students, the workshop is free – but there are only limited places available, this an application in advance is absolutely mandatory. For more info see the German version of this entry.

For more detailed information on the programme pls. see the German version of this entry
– and the main project page of RAUMSTATION.

Winter 2017/2018
Workshop:Forum RAUMSTATION
Performative Raumpraktiken
Frankfurt as Kitchen
Workshop by and with Wiebke Grösch
Deutsches Architekturmuseum & Historisches Museum Frankfurt
Tuesday, February 13, 2018 – 10 am (DAM)

project: Space Station

tags: aesthetics, agency, architecture, art & public, art & society, bodies, city, city walks, communication, design, displays, education, everyday cultures, everyday technologies, history, image & imagination, invisibility, knowledge cultures, mapping, material culture, models, net cultures, network cultures, participation, perception, performance, place, representation, space, spaces & places, tools, topography, urban cultures, urban landscapes, urban research, urbanism, utopias, visual culture