Wallanlagen. Loca(liz)tions in Inter-Spaces


The course description is so far available in German only.
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The project-seminar is connected to the project WEGEN:WALLANLAGEN.
WEGEN:WALLANLAGEN is part of a cooperation with the Museum of History's "Stadtlabor unterwegs" and a contribution to the "Stadtlabor unterwegs: Wallanlagen", running from May to September 2014.

See also the related Workshop:Forum Visuelle Kultur: PLACEMAKING and the Meta-Project "Mobile Kiosk".

Summer 2014
Wallanlagen. Loca(liz)ations in Inter-Spaces
Project Seminar
S (2 SWS) — Wed 10-12 — Room: 206 and on-site*
FW I / FW II / L2-KU-M4 / L5-KU-M4 / L3-KU-M5 / L3-KU-M6 / L3-KU-M9 (3 CP)
Master Curatorial Studies
* includes on-site visits, city walks and exkursions.

projects: Biotope City Frankfurt, Walk & Watch - Go & See, Into the Greens, KIOSK, MAPPING THE (IN)VISIBLE CITY

tags: agency, architecture, art & public, art & society, city, city walks, commons, communication, cultural history, curating, curatorial studies, design, displays, everyday cultures, everyday technologies, exhibitions, green, invisibility, memory, mobility, participation, perception, representation, seeing, space, spaces & places, time, topography, urban cultures, urban landscapes, visual culture, walking