Walk & Watch – Go & See

Project Seminar & Excursions

Walking and watching, cruising and seeing, navigating and charting, collecting and sorting, visualizing and communicating: The workshop aims to investigate — in theory as well as in practice — techniques, strategies and modes of exploring the (in)visible city. Tracing, tracking, and leaving marks will be a core activity.

Starting point and basic working format are city walks, hereby consciously drawing back to a cultural practice used by many artists and artist's collectives from early modernity onwards.

In Winter 2014/2015, the walks are part of the WORKSHOP:FORUM VISUAL CULTURE – MITTEL(N)" as well as connected with the project KIOSK KUNST MOBIL (see ibid).

For a more detailed general text pls. see the extended project description in German.

projects: Biotope City Frankfurt, Walk & Watch - Go & See, Into the Greens, KIOSK, MAPPING THE (IN)VISIBLE CITY, MITTEL(N)

tags: architecture, art & public, art & society, city, city walks, commons, communication, displays, everyday cultures, geography, image & imagination, imagination, invisibility, mapping, mobility, participation, perception, performance, place, representation, space, spaces & places, topography, topology, urban cultures, urban landscapes, urban planning, urban research, urbanism, visibility, walking