Interdisciplinary Conference & Workshop Summit

This year's interfiction workshop-conference for art, media and network cultures takes a closer look at the special form(at)s of communication between systems that more recently have been celebrated as the new hot shhhhhhhakalaka, no, of course: chakalaka of this decade: our intimate dialogizing with programs some of us seem to expect no less they would from a genie in a bottle. Texts! Images! Ideas! Answers to all questions! Whole new worlds! That is the new art: PROMPT FICTION…

Join us from Nov 17 to 19, 2023 at the interfiction conference & workshop-summit PROMPT FICTION in Kassel in the framework of the 40th Kassel Documentary and Video festival – online!

More info and application in our digital course labs.

interfiction XXV/2023
Interdiciplinary Conference & Workshop Summit for Art, Media and Network Cultures
40. Kassel Documentary Film- and Video Festival
Kassel, November 17-19, 2023, KulturBahnhof, Offener Kanal

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