At Eye Level: Colloquium Visual Culture

Colloquium for BA & MA Students
Colloquium for Graduate Students and Postgraduates
Winter 2023/2024

The Colloquium Visual Culture is a regular course and forum for BA, MA, graduate and postgraduate students.

For more info pls. see the German course description.
While theses in english language are being supervised as well, the course language is (usually) German.

Winter 2023/2024
Colloquium Visual Culture
KO (2 SWS) – Wed 11-13 pm (jour fixe) & block seminars – SKW 02.A101 – at place & excursions
[excursions, block seminars: dates & places by arrangement]
BA/NF KMKB M6 (6 CPs) | MA KMKB M5 (5 CPs) | MA KMKB M8 (3 CPs)
L & Master (KMKB, Ästhetik, Curatorial Studies) related to the thesis | Ph.D. students

tags: art, art & media, art & public, art & science, art & society, art education, communication, cultural education, education, material culture, media, media cultures, visual culture