interfiction XVI / 2009 : playground

2009's interdiscplinary workshop-symposium for art, media and network cultures interfiction – Kassel, nov 13th to 15th, in the framework of Kassel's documentary and video festival – invites you to the playground.

We just want to play — or not? Games and play are a big deal nowadays. And of course this is not about leisure only. But if so, what about the reach of play? Who defines the rules? Who takes part in the game? What are the goals? How are playing fields set up and what about their boundaries? How do playgrounds look like and what kind of equipment should they provide? Could we imagine every place, every space becoming our playground?

This year's interfiction symposium is all about playground(s), game and play. In lectures, project presentations, workshops and game sessions participants from fine arts, art and media theory, cultural theory, architecture, urbanism, and game design will introduce and show concepts and constructions of spaces and places for playful strategies and practices in digital and analog media, culture and art. Together, we'll explore old and new playgrounds — and you're invited to play with us.
The game is open. Faites vos jeux!

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