((o)) GUNSTradio : radiator x – 15.02.2008 – THEM


a special show of two hours art radio with radio art, introducing the new GUNSTradio format from march onwards to become a weekly: radiator x (*).

the show has been conceived in direct relation to this year's AV festival in Newcastle, during which it will be broadcasted as part of one of the festival's radio programmes curated by Knut Aufermann. as the AV festival is dedicated to the theme 'broadcasting' (in other words: radio, the classic one-to-many style), miss.gunst invites you to listen – to listen to THEM.


with sounds & sound art from: filmhits, corsica_s, charel sytze, paranoid android, jodi rose, jacob kirkegaard, alfredo costa monteiro, voliveri, percy duke, lonemonk, drunk drummers, andreas m. kaufmann, konstantin raudive, gerhard stempnik, dj spooky the subliminal kid, floris van manen, louise lawler, manuela barile & rui costa. words from miss.gunst.
a more detailed playlist for the show will be published as soon as possible.

*from march 2008 onwards radiator x is broadcasted weekly on radio x as well as participating in the radia.fm rotation with emissions hosted by 14+ stations in 12+ countries. more info on radiator x, an international art radio format curated and produced for radio x as part of radia.fm art radio network can be found here.

GUNSTradio : radiator x
live / studio
ausgestrahlt am 15.02.2008 von 14:00 bis 16:00 uhr auf radio x frankfurt am main
redaktion und moderation: miss.gunst / verena kuni



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