((o)) radiator x – 080307 – radiant matter + radia 153

today radiator x radiates into distant dimensions:
in the first part of our show miss.gunst continues reading from her her digital dust diaries; this time with some musings about radiant matter.

in the second part – radia show #153, provided by resonsance104fm from London via radia.fm art radio network rotation – earweego invite us to a special lesson in a language most of us won't be too familiar with:"Learning Tibetan".

miss.gunst would like to thank Jovica for the space machine introducing our show and corsica_s for some beautiful radiator sounds (as well as the free sound project for hosting their donations to the cc); SSH VISOR a.k.a C.A. Sinclair from Vienna, Austria, for 3 Pieces from his EP HLYMTN (published in october 2007 as TLHOTRA 17 by the Swedish netlabel Two Left Hands On Two Right Arms under creative commons licence cc-by-sa 3.0
earweego for the elucidating lecture in tibetan released as radia show #153
and last but not least radia.fm radio art network for being a crowd of incredibly creative partners.

please note:
those who wonder about the different program announced in the print and online versions of radio x' weekly schedule should know that kanal103 from skopje has not been able to produce and transmit radia show #153; besides the network currently suffers from some technical problems. therefore, the whole schedule for march 2008 will shift. nevertheless, you will always be able to listen to some sound art treasures from art radia network rotation and we will provide an updated preview as soon as possible. for those who were planning to listen to the resonance show next week and therefore missed it today: don't worry, there will be a second transmission, so pls. read our feeds…

radiator x [rx-080307-ab]
transmission on radio x ffm: fri 07-march-2008 3to4pm
ptI: radiant matter by miss.gunst (0803-a)
ptII: radia #153 Learning Tibetan by earweego, resonance fm London (UK)



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