Knowledge of Tools – Tools of Knowledge

Interdisciplinary Study Group

Going beyond a rather narrow understanding of tools as objects used to fulfil a specific task or to achieve a specific goal, our project purposefully embraces a wider concept including instruments, methods and strategies as well: tools for perception and cognition, tools for thinking and learning, tools for scientific and scholarly work, tools for knowledge building and epistemological tools.

This broad spectrum is mirroring a multi-faceted concept matching both theoretically and practically with the multi-dimensional character of its subject. Just as the tools themselves, also the concepts can be examined to explore their impact on different dimensions of knowledge –acquisition, capturing, processing and keeping, transfers, translations and transformations, for they are likewise to be considered as tools for the constitution of knowledge. Research on tools of knowledge has to encompass the knowledge of tools, and the multiple ways concepts and uses are intertwined, on a broad basis of the historical, social and cultural backgrounds and contexts.

Together with fundamental familiarities, likenesses and relationships, also important differences between different classes of tools have to be (re-)considered, as well as the relations between theories and practices, the semiotics of tools and the deep surfaces of their metaphorology.

The study group "Knowledge of Tools – Tools of Knowledge" aims to explore, to analyze and to discuss these dimensions within an interdisciplinary framework.

It is part of the Forschungszentrum Historische Geisteswissenschaften (Research Center for Humanities) of Goethe University Frankurt am Main – Forschungsfeld 3: Wissenskulturen (Research Field FF3 Knowledge Cultures).

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Knowledge of Tools – Tools of Knowledge
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