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radia #481: variance v + radia #159: untitled (two channel piece hamburg)

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radiokunst auf allen kanälen. klang, der sich im raum bewegt und räume in (der) zeit transformiert.

im ersten teil der sendung lauschen wir "variance v" von david merlo, einem stück, das auf einer 8-kanal-installation des französischen komponisten und bassisten basiert.

im zweiten teil der sendung präsentieren wir noch einmal untitled (two channel piece hamburg), ein stück des klangkünstlers und filmemachers bernhard schreiner, das auf ein mehrkanal-konzert im hamburger pudel club zurückgeht.

credits und hintergrundinformationen: siehe unten


radio art on all channels. sound moving in space – and transforming spaces in(to) time.

in the first part of the show, dieter van dam presents a pataphysical tape cut-up featuring one of our most favourite pataphysicians, felix kubin:

"Variance V is a stereophonic retranscription of the 8 speakers broadcasted sound installation Variance IV.
The physical and multicasted space of Variance IV’s sound resonance becomes compacted in an abstract and frontal space.
In Variance V sound materials and landscapes superimposed in this way then behave like a superimposition of senses and meanings which interfere on each other until their disappearance in a hanged-time space.

Variance IV had been presented within the framework of the collective exhibition Archist International, Cités Hétérotopiques proposed in Marseilles by Art-cade, Grands bains douches de la plaine Gallery from 21st to 26th of april, 2014. This exhibition showed a selection of artists, architects and social players works, intentions and proposal inscribed in the urban space.

The Variance IV dispositive had taken his place in this exhibition with the intention to use the sound potential which such an event could reveal in the resonant space of the Art-cade Gallery and then process and re-casted it in the same resonant space, using 8 non-synchro speakers. The processing gesture, which exclusively took place in situ and during the time of the exhibition evokes notions like production, assimilation or relation to space. Other personal and collective musical works had been injected in the dispositive during the process.
Variance IV is a sound installation dispositive elaborated and performed by David Merlo." [D.V.D.]

Scenography: Rémy Rivoire – Sound control room: Virgile Abela – General control room: Thomas Royez

Find out more about david merlo at davidmerlo.wordpress.com

afterwards, we 'll listen another time to "untitled (two channel piece hamburg)" by bernhard schreiner.

untitled (two channel piece hamburg) by bernhard schreiner is based on a sound art piece performed live at Pudel Club Hamburg in June 2007, edited for radiator x/radia art radio network in 2008.
the alternative title in brackets relates to the fact that the two channel piece is kind of special in so far as Schreiner's sound performances and sculptures are usually four channel pieces.

bernhard schreiner (* 1971, A) works with film, video and sound. exploring the materiality of his media, he is creating visual noise/music from 16mm film and builiding sculptural assemblage as well as whole environments based on sound.
from 1991 to 1998 schreiner studied at the Staedelschule Academy Frankfurt am Main (Peter Kubelka). in addition to his own artistic work he is regularly curating projects in the fields of experimental film and sound art, a. o. the Environmental Sound Matter series for Steirischer Herbst & musikprotokoll Graz 2007 and 2008. in 2004, he founded the sound art label feld records (www.feld-records.com). his films are distributed by independent media art distributions like sixpackfilm (www.sixpackfilm.com); for more info see also the Austrian Independent Film and Video Database (filmvideo.at).
currently he lives in Frankfurt am Main and Berlin (Germany).

miss.gunst would like to thank the following artists and sound collectors:
jovica for the space machine, corsica s for some beautiful radiator sounds;
david merlo and radio grenouille, marseille as well as bernhard schreiner and radio x, fankfurt am main, for radio art on all channels;
and, as always radia.fm radio art network for being a crowd of incredibly creative partners.

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