A research on theories and practices of alternate methods and techniques of clocking time

The TIME BENDING CLOCK (TBC) project is based on a set of ideas closely related to problems and questions of time measurement, to individual and collective perception(s) of time, as well as to utopias and realities of alternate times.

Originally set up as a theoretical research project – with anchors/roots in art history/cultural history and the history of science, and contemporary intersections between art(s), science and popular culture – it has meanwhile layered a more praxis oriented offspring as well.
In other words: there is indeed the plan to build a time bending clock. This TBC is conceived as a distributed system and network based project involving collaborative work.

The TBC nodes are located in physical space as well as within in different media (internet/www, radio, hybrid media) — thus within the framework of TIK* instalments of TBC nodes could take place on site at the partner institutions and their environment (the cities of Brussels, Bratislava, Graz) and/or within TIK* related media sites and productions. [*For further info on TIK pls. see below]

TBC mechanisms embrace a broad spectrum of technologies and practices (site-based, apparatus/media enabled, analogue, digital, immersive, physical, psychological, meditative, social/communicative, ludic etc.).

Therefore, the whole project is not only generally open for different forms of collaboration, but explicitly looking for and inviting to the latter.

Since 2010, the project is embedded into the framework of Time Inventors' Kabinet (TIK), an international art research project funded by the EU.
For more info on TIK pls. see the TIK website.


main project: TOYS AND/AS TOOLS

related projects on www.under-construction.cc: D.I.Y. cultures, (IN)VISIBLE CITY, Philosophical Toys

tags: biosciences, history of science, imagination, insects, inventing & inventions, natural sciences, philosophical toys, science, time



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