Images, imaginations and narrations of transformation in art, science and popular culture

"Metamorphosis in times of its technological (re-)production": The way we think and conceive metamorphosis is deeply embedded in our understanding of "nature" and humanity; it is closely related to our concepts of being and self.
As historical and social constructions rather than fixed constants both are not only mutually interrelated, but in continuous transformation.
What does metamorphosis mean for and within a culture for which not only art, but also "nature" has entered an era of technological (re-)production?

The project researches on this question by following the interwoven threads of narrations and imaginations dealing with body and gender transformations in popular culture, science and in art, as to be found in scientific illustrations, literature, fine arts, film and video, comics, computer games a.o..


tags: art, art history, cultural history, film, games, history of science, imagination, media, media history, natural sciences, popular culture, technology, video, visual culture



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