research project
course, studio, play & workshop in the framework of the thealit.lab "Was ist Verrat?" ("What is Treason?")
october 2010 – february 2011

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just as in many other games also in GoL SOD is generic. when entering the game the player agrees upon a given set of rules, SOD usually being the most important to be accepted throughout the duration of the game and even beyond. virtually, SOD may be extended for ever and ever.
this means players will (and will have to) strongly rely on SOD — whatever happens, at all hazards, at any rate. neither accepting hints nor using cheats is breaking the rules. but what if betrayal comes into play? in fact, just as in many other games also in GoL betrayal is generic. generally the majority of players will either reject, consciously or unconsciously ignore this fact or at least try to avoid any confrontation. yet situations may occur in which betrayal is afforded not only for a single player or a group of players to successfully pass and/or to proceed to the next level, but for the game as a whole. in this case, SOB is either needed as a crucial feature or may even turn out to be the goal. in other words: if, just as in many other games also in GoL SOD is generic, there is a high probability that the very same is true for SOB as well.
thus it will be useful, if not necessary to get familiar with SOB, to explore methods and strategies of SOBBING and to train related skills.
our workshop-course offers a basic introduction to the principles of SOB and invites to further develop a set of EXERCISES IN SOBBING.

EXERCISES IN SOBBING is a research project in experimental formats conducted in the framework of the thealit lab "Was ist Verrat?" ("What is Treason?").
It takes place in two phases.

Phase I starts in october 2010 with the SOBBING STUDIO in the thealit ARBEITSZIMMER  (oct 1-2, 2010) and the launch of the SOB online workshop-course (oct 01, 2010 — feb 13, 2011).

Phase II results a SOB live format in the framework of the symposium "Was ist Verrat?" ("What is Treason?") in february 2011 (feb 11-feb 13, 2011). phase II will settle upon the outcomes of phase I. it is highly recommended to take part in both phases; however, participants who are not able to follow both phases can apply for only one of the two parts as well (pls. indicate in your application).

After that, public activities of SOB will freeze. However, the project and research might be still ongoing.

The course language is English.

For further information and to apply for / participate actively in EXERCISES IN SOBBBING please go directly to the [SOB] course site.

project: Urban Playgrounds

main project: (IN)VISIBLE CITY

related projects on www.under-construction.cc: GAMElab FFM BHF/4, (IN)VISIBLE CITY, Toys and/as Tools

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