interfiction XX / 2013 : ANALOGITAL

Interdisciplinary Conference & Workshop-Summit
in the framework of 30th Kasseler Dokumentarfilm- und Videofestival
Kassel, November 15-17, 2013 – KulturBahnhof, Offener Kanal

"Analog" and "Digital": By many considered as antipodes, they have always been sisters. Of course on the technical level the terms are used to describe two different principles: In the first case, a physical signal is being translated into a physical one – in the second case, it's translated into computable digits. However, in everyday life they usually come together anyway.

Yet for quite some time now there are also new alliances of analog and digital: From the internet of things over objects finding their way from digital media culture back into materiality, to the wonderful world of FabLabs and 3D printers we can find a whole variety of transfers, transformations and syntheses. What used to be "analog" and/or "digital" becomes ANALOGITAL!

To take a closer look at these developments and to find out more about their productive potentials, this year’s interfiction summit for art, media and network cultures invites with lectures, presentations and workshop-sessions to dive into the analogital sphere.

Artists and tinkerers, video- and filmmakers, designers, programmers, researchers, curators, writers and others interested in interdisciplinary exchange are invited to join the conference and to discuss their ideas and projects. Moreover, the interfiction DIY-Lab will offer opportunities to test, to share and to develop how-tos and know-how in practice as well.

Call for contributions and further information (from Feb/March onwards): www.interfiction.org

Contact: info@interfiction.org

interfiction XX / 2013
Interdiscplinary Workshop-Summit for Art, Media & Network Cultures
Director: Verena Kuni
Team 2013: Verena Kuni, Karsten Asshauer, Martin Dege, Anders-Turge Lehr

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