Electro-Culture(s) Revisited

Vortrag | Lecture
SCANZ2013 "3rd Nature" Symposium, New Zealand, Skype Bridge Lecture, February 1 (2), 2013 | 01.(02.) 02.

If technologies have always formed and informed our attitudes towards and relationships with nature, this is also true for the way we're commuting and communicating the latter.

But what does this mean exactly when looking at "human-plant relationships in the electronic circuit" – and at (DIY-)experiments with electricity, electronic media and network technologies in gardening and agriculture? Have deeper insights into ecological and social challenges changed our anthropocentric perspective, or is it still all about yielding a better crop?

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Forschungsschwerpunkt [IN]VISIBILIA auf www.under-construction.cc | research focus [IN]VISIBILIA at www.under-construction.cc

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SCANZ2013 3rd Nature Symposium
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SCANZ2013 3rd Nature Symposium Skype Bridge Lecture Programme
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