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Wem gehören Ideen? Können Ideen wie materielle Güter von einer – natürlichen oder juristischen – Person besessen werden? Zweifelsohne erweist sich die Vorstellung von Eigentum in diesem Kontext als problematisch.

Die "encyclopedia of stolen ideas" ist eine online-plattform, die sich mit diesem Komplex und den Problemen beschäftigt, die er generiert.


Who owns ideas? Can ideas be owned – just like material things? Obviously, the notion of "ownership" is quite problematic in this context.

The "encyclopedia of stolen ideas" is an online platform to reflect upon these issues.

background information

the encyclopedia of stolen ideas goes back to a meeting in june/july 2000 that took place within the framework of the belluard bollwerk international (bbi) at fribourg, switzerland.
the swiss art historians rachel mader and mirjam fischer invited an international group of people from different backgrounds (fine arts, media, art theory, art history, criticism, theatre, film): albert liebl, andrea saemann, boris bakal, douglas parson, gülsün karamustafa, hans-christian dany, milos vojtechovsky, ralf palandt, regula burri and verena kuni

– to present projects related to the idea of stolen ideas
– to discuss about stolen ideas
– to steal ideas from each other


The discussions that took place during the meeting/workshop days in Fribourg had been intriguing – and they clearly showed that the issues raised were really important for contemporary art and culture especially in (but not at all limited to) the framework of the developments in the area of digital reproduction and distribution. Therefore I decided to built up a platform that would allow to stay with the subject and to collect further material and ideas.

While there was not really enough time (and no funding) to continue the project the way it would have been desired, from time to time the platform was and still is used for further extensions.
I.e., in early summer 2001 it was used for my contribution to a project that took place at the Shedhalle Zürich, "Never Look back. Politiken der Freundschaft" ("Never look back. Politics of Friendship", curated by Elke aus dem Moore).

further material

direct link: encyclopedia of stolen ideas

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