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((o)) radiator x – radiator im april 2022 | radiator april 2022

rxl_k.gifradiator im april 2022 | radiator april 2022

currently our extremely limited time budget does not allow to keep up with the regular entries for the radiator-a(i)rchive – in the meantime we are providing a monthly overview instead. so here is the programme listing for april 2022…


((o)) GUNSTradioKIOSK – 22.04.2016 – Küchengespräche (CIK) | Kitchen Talks (CIK)

Kitchen talks are a core part of our everyday culture – and many of them are, not by chance, dealing with topics that are commonplace-workaday and existential in one. No wonder, as the kitchen is a place where we're preparing (and often also consuming) our daily meals. A perfect opportunity to think and talk about basics – be it just for us or with others.


((o)) GUNSTradioKIOSK – 20.03.2015 – Alle(s) Arbeit (Post-Digital) | All Work (Post-Digital)

It's all (about) work? And if so, how does this work in a society under digital conditions that is not only building and built upon globally networked production and consumption, but that has also established new technologies of the self?


((o)) GUNSTradioKIOSK – 24.10.2014 – Digitale MedienBildArchäologie | Digital Media Image Archaeology

Digital media have changed our images and our imaginations in many ways. By digging into the histories of imaging technologies we can get a better idea not only about the past, but about the presence as well. Let us take a closer look at two artistic projects exploring this field.


((o)) GUNSTradioKIOSK – 17.01.2014 – Pflanzen, Trinken, Essen | Eat Drink Plant

Eat(ing), Dring(ing), Plant(ing) – activities that can be considered as different, yet also connected with each other in many ways.


((o)) radiator x – 131219 – to work or not to work

rxl_k.gifto work or not to work radia #451: on strike for a job + radia #245: memento internationale

one hour of radio art. about work. and workers. who are not working. for different reasons.


((o)) GUNSTradio – 21.06.2013 – RadioGarten : Gemeinsam in Ginnheim | RadioGarden : Ginnheim Commons

RadioGarten : Gemeinsam in Ginnheim | RadioGarden : Ginnheim Commons

On Ginnheim's churchyard (Ginnheimer Kirchplatz), a community garden has grown. In containers, you'll find flowers in full bloom, vegetables prospering and berries ripening. No fences around. Regularly, gardeners are coming – but not only to take care of the plants. Rather, they are meeting to discuss about community and commons – and about future common perspectives for Ginnheim…


((o)) radiator x – 130620 – crisis

rxl_k.gifcrisis radia #427: crisis? what crisis? + radia #397: istanbul courthoustep

crisis? what crisis?
whenever "the crisis" becomes an argument, you should better listen. closely. who is talking (about) "the crisis"?
what are the motives and motivations for this kind of talk? if everybody looks at "the crisis": what is getting out of sight?
who is judging about the crisis? how is this done? if there is a great lament about the state of crisis and so called "alternativeless solutions" – should you believe? or is it rather about distracting attention from thinkting about the real reasons – and that these should be named before "alternativeless solutions" are being installed?


[[o]] GUNSTprojekt | GUNSTproject: encyclopedia of stolen ideas

encyclopedia of stolen ideasencyclopedia of stolen ideas

Who owns ideas? Can ideas be owned – just like material things? Obviously, the notion of "ownership" is quite problematic in this context.

The "encyclopedia of stolen ideas" is an online platform to reflect upon these issues.


[[o]] GUNSTprojekt | GUNSTproject: panem@circenses


"panem@circenses" (or in short: p@c) deals with the operating system(s) of art in the society. it is conceived as an online infobase and learning platform. the basic structure delivers a set of terms stemming from the roman circus (as a site created for the amusement of the plebs), each of which is set in parallel to one part of the system of contemporary art.


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