((o)) radiator x – radiator im april 2019 | radiator april 2019

rxl_k.gifradiator im april 2019 | radiator april 2019

currently our extremely limited time budget does not allow to keep up with the regular entries for the radiator-a(i)rchive – in the meantime we are providing a monthly overview instead. so here is the programme listing for april 2019…


((o)) GUNSTradioKIOSK – 20.10.2017 – documenta memory: was bleibt?

KIOSK:RADIO:KIOSK - documenta memory: was bleibt?

Meanwhile documenta 14 has ended. As always, a lot has been said and a lot has been written. There is still some rumble – but that will soon sober down. And the next edition will be prepared. So the circle goes on and on. However, that's why we want to hold on for a moment to ask: what will remain?


((o)) GUNSTradioKIOSK – 22.09.2017 – documenta special – 20 Jahre radio x * GUNSTradio 20 Years

KIOSK:RADIO:KIOSK - documenta special : GUNSTdocumenta 1997-2017 - 20 Jahre radio x * GUNSTradio 20 Years

In September radio x is celebrating its 20th birthday – for in September 1997, we got our official broadcasting licence and our stable local fm frequency. And from this very first month onwards GUNSTradio has been a regular monthly show on radio x. Thus we are happily taking part in the jubilee – and we are honoured to be invited to contribute to radio x' special birthday programme, two weeks of live radio broadcasted from the wonderful *saasfee-pavillon.


((o)) radiator x – radiator im juli 2017 | radiator july 2017

rxl_k.gifradiator im juli 2017 | radiator july 2017

currently our extremely limited time budget does not allow to keep up with the regular entries for the radiator-a(i)rchive – in the meantime we are providing a monthly overview instead. so here is the programme listing for july 2017…


((o)) GUNSTradioKIOSK – 19.12.2014 – Karten Lesen | Reading Cards

grvs_k.gifKIOSK:RADIO:KIOSK - Karten Lesen | Reading Cards

The last GUNSTradio show of the year sees miss.gunst reading cards. Don't worry: We won't urge you to take part in a lecture on cartography. Nor we're going to dive into cartomancy – at least not as you use to know it…


((o)) radiator x – 131212 – aut(h)o(r)-poetry

rxl_k.gifaut(h)o(r)-poetry radia #450: the death of the authors + radia #187: les forteresses du ciel

ever heard about the death of the author? sure, for there is an ongoing debate in literature studies. however, in a culture traditionally reading authorship and copyright together, there's also a very profane, yet tremendously important reason to literally remember the date: for this one counts (again, literally) for counting towards the day the work will become accessible for the public domain.


((o)) radiator x – 130905 – hospitals

rxl_k.gifhospitals radia #437: electric blue + radia #40: dead by dawn

from birth to death most people will rather avoid hospitals – except for they are working there or come for a visit. yet the hospital is a place where many lifes begin – and end. so does this radio hour.


((o)) radiator x – 121206 – 2/5 BZ

rxl_k.gif2/5 BZ radia #397: istanbul courthoustep + radia #86: no exotic cocktailcore

news istanbul, provided by an expert in using radio and pop music as critical tools.


((o)) GUNSTradio – 20.04.2012 – geschichte machen (zur zeit) | making history (in time)

lgb-gtik.gifgeschichte machen (zur zeit) | making history (in time)

history is made. images are made. history is made with/in images. but how and at what costs? and what is the impact of our perception of time?

miss.gunst muses about these and other questions, looking at works presented in the exhibition "Making History", on show at Museum für Moderne Kunst, MMK Zollamt and at Frankfurter Kunstverein as part of Ray 2012.

"geschichte machen | making history" is part of the series TIME BENDING CLOCK RADIO.
TIME BENDING CLOCK RADIO is radio on time.
since summer 2010, TIME BENDING CLOCK RADIO is one of the active mechanisms of the TIME BENDING CLOCK, a research project and tool looking at alternate theories and practices of measuring time, operating at the intersections of art, media, cultural history and the history of science.
find out more about the TIME BENDING CLOCK by visiting the TIME BENDING CLOCK WORK.

The TIME INVENTORS' KABINET is a collaborative artistic research project at the intersections of ecology, art, and media,
taking an ecological approach to observing patterns in time and time control systems.
find out more about TIK at www.timeinventorskabinet.org

The playlist will follow soon! Thank you for your patience.

miss.gunst wishes to thank all artists and labels for having done and doing great work


[[o]] GUNSTprojekt: PLAYGROUND : ART GAMES von | by miss.gunst (radia #243)

PLAYGROUND : ART GAMES von | by miss.gunst (radia #243)

join miss.gunst on the playground and enjoy a set of games playing with the rules of art!


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