ArtSciEd : Art Science Education

An online platform for interdiscipliary learning and teaching

ArtSciEd — Art Science Education (www.ArtSciEd.net) is an interdisciplinary platform for project based learning and teaching.
Its aim is to provide for students and teachers an environment, tools, resources and inspiration for the developement, presentation, communication and publication of project based, collaborative research, learning and teaching at the intersections of arts and sciences.

The project has been initiatiated as part of the ongoing interdisciplinary cooperation between the departments Art Education/Visual Culture and Didactics of Biosciences at Goethe University of Frankfurt am Main (Prof. Dr. V. Kuni and Prof. Dr. P. W. Dierkes).

ArtSciEd is funded by studiumdigitale E-Learning Förderfonds / Goethe University Frankfurt am Main.

ArtSciEd online: www.ArtSciEd.net

ArtSciEd : Art Science Education
An Interdiciplinary Project Platform
Project leaders: Prof. Dr. Verena Kuni (Visual Culture) & Prof. Dr. Paul Dierkes (Biosciences)
Fall 2010-ongoing

projects: Bee Garden Network, DIY SCI, (IN)VISIBLE GARDENS, Cultures of Sustainability, Urban Biotopes : Biotope City


related projects on www.visuelle-kultur.info: Beehive, Biotope City Frankfurt, Sustainability

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