A clandestine radio breed

RadioRhizom:e is listenting to garden(')s underground and from beyond, collecting gems of hidden germinations and clandestine growth: propagule diasporas, grass root revolutions, and other movements in the greens, mosses, lichen and fungi, weeds and wild herbs, plant pharmacy and toxicology, strange symbioses, productive parasites and the fruits of decay, crypto- and pata-botanics, biolelectronics and techno-organic transformations, secret nests, garden ghosts and the whispers of the wind…

RadioRhizom:e is a special breed of GUNSTradio. Broadcasting on radio x, Frankfurt am Main as well as from other places – wherever the RadioRhizom:e succeeds to grow its antennas.

Background Information:
RadioRhizom:e at www.gunst.info
RadioRhizom:e transmission archive at www.gunst.info

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