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radia #416: shadow walks + radia #348: all truly great thoughts are conceived while walking

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gehen in städten.
um orte und nicht-orte zu erkunden. um klänge, worte und geräusche zu sammeln. um zu sehen und zu hören, was sonst nicht sichtbar ist, übersehen oder überhört wird.

zunächst folgen wir in florenz viv corringham, die bei ihren stadtspaziergängen zum schatten anderer menschen wird. und im anschluss lädt uns graham hudson noch einmal zu einer seiner archäologischen stadterkundungen ein.

credits und hintergrundinformationen: siehe unten


walking through cities.
to explore sites and non-sites. sounds, words and noises. to see and to listen. to look for what otherwise remains unseen. and to eavesdrop what otherwise would remain unheard.

first we'll follow viv corringham on one of her "shadow walks": walking the city by becoming the shadow of other people:

"Shadow-walks (Florence) is the Italian chapter of Viv Corringham’s ongoing project that responds to people’s relationship with familiar places and explores how that bond links to an interior landscape of personal history, memory and association. In Florence she has been walking together with an actress, a street vendor, a graphic designer, a performer and a former school teacher; they took her to the post office, the market, villas closed by walls, the hospital, an occupied house and cafés… she then walked the same routes by herself creating her own rendering through vocal improvisation.

The project involves three main activities: walking with others, listening and singing; it relates with soundscape, the explored places and its inhabitants keeping in mind that knowing where you are is knowing who you are.

Viv Corringham knows how to listen; in fact, this is the common thread that unites her work: vocal virtuosity, composition and improvisation are tools aimed at listening, our listening. Shadow Walk (Florence) is a five-stop walk in search of Florence out of the limelight. Like a game of Chinese boxes, one way of listening opens the door to another: from the street, we enter a bar and then the post office, from the fishmonger we go to the market, we go through the country and sit down in the hospital. Viv Corringham’s work does not mean to be a documentary or sociological, it does not claim to tell any particular ‘stories’, but as it drags us through the daily life of a neighborhood, it illustrates points of view that are unexpected or usually taken for granted."[L.F.]

find out more about viv corringham at vivcorringham.org

afterwards, we'll follow another time graham hudson on his archeological sound walk through torino:

"Sondaggio:Torino is a soundwalk, a peculiar city tour of the most ancient part of Turin (the Quadrilatero Romano) guided by Graham Hudson. In this walk the artist was accompanied by Luca Morino (writer and musician) and Fabrizio Diciotti of the Torino Archeology Group.
The aim was to produce an audiowalk that would include words and speculations about the historical and contemporary Torino. The resulting tour takes the listener from the Quadrilatero Romano, a recognised symbol of Turin’s mythology to the Progetto Diogene Tram – a symbol of transitory architecture.
Along the way Graham Hudson’s talks about his work, his interventions on the architectural space of Torino, and his evolving sculptures provide ?eeting landmarks that play between these concepts." [GH/RP]

miss.gunst would like to thank the following artists and sound collectors:
jovica for the space machine, corsica s for some beautiful radiator sounds;
viv corringham, graham hudson and radio papesse, firenze, for inviting us to walk and think and walk in firenze and torino;
as well as radia.fm radio art network for being a crowd of incredibly creative partners.

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