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radia #395: RITOPEK + radia #286: personal number station

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Eine akustische Exkursion durch Serbien.
Eine deformierte Landschaft miteinander kurzgeschlossener Schaltkreise, in der Roboter träumen und wohl eher von einer elektrischen Revolution als von elektrischen Schafen träumen.
Im Anschluss erfreuen uns das Disphilharmonia Sound Quartet und sein empfindsamer Roboter mit einem in der Tat revolutionären gefälschten Zahlensender.

RITOPEK von Karl Heinz Jeron ist eine GUNSTproduktion von radiator x für das internationale Kunstradio-Netwerk radia.fm
und wird in der Woche vom 22. bis 28. Oktober 2012 als radia #395 (saison 29) von den beteiligten Stationen des Netzwerks ausgestrahlt.

Hintergrundinformationen und Credits: siehe unten sowie den Eintrag zu RITOPEK im GUNSTfundus.


An acoustic field trip through Serbia
– a distorted landscape of bent circuits where robots whisper while sleeping and dreaming of an electrical revolution rather than of electrical sheep.

"During my three weeklong vacation in 2012 I visited Žagubica, Beograd and Požarevac in Serbia.
And while I was there I made some field recordings
processed with Audacity
partially changed pitch and tempo
cut into pieces
put together again.
Sources: Valie Djordjevic – Milan Jeron – Cicades – Buskers – Builders – Dogs – Cars – Lorries – Rain – Supermarket register – Taxi driver – Gastarbeiter – Roma kids – Custom noise oscillator" [K.H.J.]

Karl Heinz Jeron is an artist living and working in Berlin.
Find out more about his projects at www.jeron.org

RITOPEK by Karl Heinz Jeron is a GUNSTproduction by radiator x for the international art radio network radia.fm
– during the week of october 22 to 28, 2012 broadcasted as radia #395 (season 29) by all radia partner stations.
See also the related, more extended entry on RITOPEK in our GUNSTfundus.

in the second part, we'll enjoy another time the fake numbers station set up by the Disphilharmonia sound quartet quintet from Skopje:

"Initially, we are a laptop quartet of five individuals, one robot (barely automated, slightly sentient) and four fleshy humans. Furthermore we host a radio show on Kanal 103 in Macedonia which usually contains much of what we do in our separate electronic production projects, alternative ego's, or what we do with Disphilharmonia. Since music is taken very lightly lately, we consider that the act of listening to music/sounds should return to a more primitive time where it represents a totem, a symbol of gathering around which special attention should be invested. Our live performances attempt to create this effect by accentuating the visual part, forcing audience to participate with more senses, ritualizing the act of listening music. This time, for Radia, we prepared an almost fake Numbers Station live, that relays a secret message, when converted/cracked and sent to our mail, results in access to not-yet-released materials of Disphilharmonia and/or affiliates." [T.D.]

To learn more about the disphilharmonia sound quartet visit www.disphilharmonia.blogspot.com.

miss.gunst would like to thank the following artists and sound collectors:
jovica for the space machine, corsica s for some beautiful radiator sounds;
karl heinz jeron for RITOPEK for his wonderful show and radiator's homebase, radio x, for supporting our radia.fm art radio network productions;
the disphilharmonia sound quarted, its sentient robot and kanal 103, skopje, for setting up a fake numbers station for us;
as well as radia.fm radio art network for being a crowd of incredibly creative partners.

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